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Sina Institute of Networks and Aesthetics, the State of the Art Training Center, was established in Feb, 2010. SINA offers training programs in areas of Information technology, Industrial Automation, Telecom, Management, Personal Development and vocational technical training leading to entrepreneurship. Our courses have been developed and refined to ensure that material presented is current and relevant that maximizes your return on investment in training. About SINA consist of lectures and videos with ample time for hands on practice in labs and one on one time with the instructor.
We ensure About SINA participants learn what they need to know to make their job easier and more productive.

Our Mission

“To Enable Learning and Development”
Learning is the foundation for development of the individuals and the nation. Therefore, SINA fosters not only the desire to learn but also invokes the ability to apply learning to purposeful use. Learning, here, is not an aim by itself but a means to the aim i.e. development.
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